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Due to the recent flooding, permits are required to put your house or business back together if it flooded. You can obtain a remodel permit from the City of Walker Permit Department located at 10136 Florida Blvd. Walker, LA 70785. There will be no charge for the permit. If major changes are being done to the structure such as changing out the electrical panel or structural changes, addition requirements and permits must be obtained and met. Inspections will be done upon request.


If the home owner hires a contractor the contractor must be licensed with the State of Louisiana Contracting Board and also licensed with the City of Walker, and should be the one to pull the permit. If the home owner chooses to do the work on their own home then they should be the one to get the permit and will be responsible for the work being done to their home.


The City of Walker does not perform any mold or moisture testing that may be necessary before insulating and closing up the walls. This service is the responsibility of the owner and can be done by the owner or a qualified person.


The City of Walker Permit Department can be reached at 225-665-8893 if you have further questions.


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The City of Walker has been awarded grant money for improvements on Pendarvis Lane. The first stages of the project are beginning now with the Engineers, Forte and Tablada marking areas with flags and paint down Pendarvis Lane.  The project will include overlaying/road repairs, drainage and sidewalks.  There are three phases to the project with Phase I scheduled to start 2019-2020; Phase II - 2020-2021; and Phase III  - 2021-2022. 

Completion date is unknown at this time.


We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time of positive improvements in the area.

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City of Walker Begins Advanced Metering Installation

Wireless water meter reading improves efficiency

CITY OF WALKER, LOUISIANA – The CITY OF WALKER will begin installation of an advanced metering system from Utility Metering Solutions (UMS). Advanced metering technology enables the wireless transmission of water meter readings directly to the CITY OF WALKER Public Works department. This innovative system will collect multiple reads per day, allowing for better leak detection, billing accuracy, and improved customer service.

“Utility Metering Solutions is a leader in the deployment of utility infrastructure systems and resource conservation, and supports our commitment to maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens through cost-effective, innovative programs. The new system will also help the CITY OF WALKER analyze and efficiently detect and minimize water loss.” “Advanced metering also supports our commitment to preserving and protecting our environment by reducing carbon emissions as a result of taking meter readers off of the road, enhancing our ability to quickly detect and stop leaks, and providing customers with up-to-date water usage data so they can improve their efforts to conserve."

The upgrade which is planned to begin June 2019 is expected to take approximately 5 months to complete, Customers will receive a letter/notice prior to installation beginning in their area. During installation, contractors working on behalf of the CITY OF WALKER will interrupt water service and replace the existing water meter. Before leaving the site, crews will test the new water meter by running about 1 to 2 gallons of water from an exterior hose or faucet. Door hangers will be left at the main entrance to the property informing the customer of the status of the visit.   

Contractors will be supervised by CITY OF WALKER staff, will carry UMS badges, wear yellow UMS tee-shirts, jackets or vests, and have successfully completed a comprehensive background check; contractor vehicles will also be clearly marked with the “UMS” logo.

To learn more, please contact Ira Cook at (225) 664-3123.











Waste Management has removed the recycle bin located on Ball Park Road.  The City has decided to discontinue recycling services due to continuous improper usage and contamination of recycling materials.   The City holds two city wide clean up days a year, and we will add a recycle bin on those occasions in the future.   You can contact Waste Management for other drop off locations near your area.   





If you are interested in receiving text messages from the City of Walker Utility Department regarding water boil advisories, due date reminders, disconnect dates and other information text TOWUTILITIES to 888777.  You will receive a text back requiring a passcode to join.  The passcode is: utilities











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